Deviation Correction Of Conveying System

Correcting the deviation of sideband

The anti deviation wheel gw300 / 80 can be used for all belts with transverse reinforcing layer structure. The hollow part in the wheel can allow the extrusion of the guide wheel to protect the edge of the baseband. The rubber wheel is made of high-precision rubber mold, and the quality is effectively guaranteed.

Through the correct installation of the anti deviation wheel, the belt deviation can be effectively prevented and corrected.

Rectifying deviation of flat belt

Design principles:

√ the deflector is installed at the front of the belt deviation position about 3 times of the belt width;

A group of idlers can effectively control the belt with a length of 60m, and the deviation correction distance can reach 100m in long-distance or plane operation;

It uses the trend of belt deviation to rectify the belt deviation in advance, which is a correction mechanism that does not rely on the edge of the conveyor belt to drive, so as to realize the fact that the belt operates on orbit and there is no wear on the edge.


It is suitable for rectifying the deviation of flat belt within 45 degrees

Applicable bandwidth: 400mm-2600mm

Different models and types of rectifiers are matched according to different angles and bandwidths.


Provide rectification equipment and on-site rectification installation and commissioning services.

The internal part of the rectifying device adopts a unique and efficient mechanical device to ensure the long-term use of the rotation function.